Hotel Tretorri

Hotel Tre Torri is a welcoming hotel in the center of Ostuni with an excellent quality / price ratio.

The Luxury
Hospitality Experience

Composed of 15 rooms with family management, offers quiet stays and valuable tips for a visit of the city, full of relaxation and culture.Ideal for families, young people and groups of friends who want to enjoy Ostuni with an eye on savings!

  • Our Rooms
Our Rooms

The Tre Torri Hotel in Ostuni offers its guests the chance to stay in quiet single, double and triple rooms. Some rooms have a balcony where you can enjoy a splendid view.

You Are Invited.

  • Where We Are
Where We Are

The Tre Torri Hotel in Ostuni is located in a strategic position within the country: a five minute walk, walking in the characteristic streets of the surroundings, you can reach Piazza Sant’Oronzo, the district of the city, the Cathedral or go shopping in the shops of the historical center.

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When booking, we will try to always offer you a room with private bathroom, if available. If not available, we will offer you a room with services on the floor.

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